Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blues on Muddy Waters Drive...43rd St.

The Checkerboard Blues Club on 43rd St.- Chicago

In the 80's the Name changed from 43rd St..... 2 Muddy Waters Drive.

It all started on 43rd St. The Blues that is.
Gut-bucket, and greasy like some Rip tips with no napkins.
4-Trey didn't play when it came 2 the Blues!
At the Checkerboard Lounge? Please!!
Out front here’s Lefty Dizz, James Cotton and another
bluesman chatting up - maybe the next set.
They could be talking about the card game
that went on daily.... or they could be talking about the Blues.
LC or Buddy Guy could be inside setting up the bar and the stage.

Pepper’s Lounge was on 43rd and Vincennes
about a block west of the Checkerboard
and Theresa’s wasn’t that far away.
All up in Bronzeville you could stay up all night listening 2 the blues.
It looks to be in the the 1970’s.
Dizz has on his dashiki with a cool ‘fro so
everything was still copesectic about that time.
AA50208 1250am

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