Monday, January 24, 2011

LA Banks in Chicago Women In Horror at the DCA

L.A. Banks is the author of 12 novels featuring multi-ethnic monster hunters

The Vampire Huntress Legend.


Monday, February 07

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00PM

Place: Claudia Cassidy Theater in the DCA

78 East Washington St. in the Chicago Cultural Center

Best-selling author L.A. Banks, Carmilla playwright Aly Renee Amidei, Sourcebooks iDrakula editor Marie Macaisa, horror game designer and H.P. Lovecraft expert Kenneth Hite and actress Michaela Petro (plays the title role in Carmilla) discuss representations of women in the horror genre with host, Brian Kirst, founder of Racks and Razors.

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Chicago's Black Comic Con

Chicago Black Comic Movement-filmed at Black Age Comics 13th Annual Convention-Chicago

A new video on Chicago Black Comics book movement is featured on
the chicagonewsblog at Neighborhood Scribe.
Pop the link or watch the video here to learn about this exciting new movement that promotes arts, literacy, independent creativity and entrepreneurialship .

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2.011!

Dear Friends!
Happy 2.011! from the Bronzeville Arts Blog!
A new year to reboot news about the Arts... Bronzevillian.

Bronzeville Renaissance in the 21st Century!
2011 marks the end of the first decade in the new millenium of the 21st century.
It seems just a moment ago, that we were looking at the beginning of the decade with the Y2K concerns and blink!
we are now entering into a new one....As a new decade one begins, I look forward to a brand new year of covering the Arts in Bronzeville as well as the flow and flavor of global Arts -Bronzevillian ....

In 2010 there were too many significant events in the arts and more that I didn't get to post so from time to time,
I will be featuring past moments in a 2010 Arts in a Review collage: a bit of Redo/Review/Renew/Assemblage.
As I continue my journey through Bronzevillian moments, feel free to drop a comment, share a link or send a note to

Thanks for reading!
Aki Antonia
Bronzeville Arts Blog