Monday, July 31, 2017

CHI'-town Afro-FUNK at The Silver Room Block Party!

The Silver Room Block Party!

There were so many 
Funky badass …magical… musical moments….
Blackgirlmagic  and  BlackguyAfrofunk... 
It was a truly kaleidoscope of 

With a can of hair grease….  

As  the  Millenials  
and ere'body  else 
showed up and showed out
all peace and love...

as the Silver  Room Block party 
mushroomed n2 Art
painted faces

and some killer 
Black Rock music….
on 3 different stages 

from  53rd and Blackstone 
53rd and Lake Park 
and everywhere in-between…. 

There were some Salsa dancers 
dancing ...
and a LIVE Salsa band!  

AND the crowd was lOving how
Dance/drum troupe 
were bringing that vibe..  

and rhythms 
straight from the Motherland… 

Fela meets Southside HOUSE!  

When we rolled up on 53rd St... 
going 2 the sound check for Black Cherry Soul… 
we could see the cars were back 2 back! 

On 53rd St?... 
Hyde Park? ...
People were everywhere!

Rocking the beautiful funkiness of natural hair in all shapes,
forms and colors

It was so intoxicating & intergenerational …
that  it was like an Afro - Futeristic dream...
Urban Pharoahs and Nubian Queens

Dashiki Africanos and Beauty Africana 
were floating in and out ..
Not.. " we gone 2  Paris this weekend 4 Afro-Punk  
but like... 
We sTaYed at home in our Pyramid...
.. 4 some  Chi- town Afro-FUNK! …

U know we are a spiritual center 4 all things Black  NOIR!...
when we in... CHICAgO are the home of Sun RA
and Kelan Phil Coran...  Chaka ...Earth Wind and Fire and  
The  Pharoahs .  and Africobra...
We are DuSable's   great great grand children.....
....and ONLI and the Black AGE!

A bevy of Neo-Africana and Neo Africanos …
 in full effect…
BlackRock bands  were slanging.
and Neo-Soul sistas were sanging

Black hair…. 
was everywhere…
from Bald headed sOul Sistas 2 big Box braids…
Multicolored locs and twisted waves

I saw sisters with threaded braids 
that I haven’t seen since I was in Ghana

Brothers with BIG ‘natchals.. that made u  just wanna...


Afri-fashinistas were flashing skin and Kente.. 
 I saw some ‘Classic men’ in skinny ties and plaid

And at night…
They were stunting and fronting 
on pop shots and scooters..

Boys will be boys
and the Boyz had their toys
All out and 
Sleek and shiny...
All jumping with sounds and in beautiful colors...

Bentleys and jeeps and pop shots
Futuristic and funky  and rocking  some some hip hop
…the music was playing
I felt like a star 

Cause  they  just wouldn’t stop standing 'round my car...

All text and  video and photographs by
Aki Antonia c2017 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Weekend in Bronzeville

Life in Bronzeville is always interesting... particularly in the summer.... 
in the 'Chi....

While one  set of media may see the life of our people through one set of lenses.. on the weekend... the shootings... the tears and the carnage... and while this is real... 
there is also a different set of realities for all of us to  know about...
a world where many of us live everyday.... 

I travel  many different pathways and through different portals 2 feel the heartbeat of our people.. 
and  2 dance 2 the rhythms of our unique cultural experiences... 

In the summer... in the 'Chi... I can walk through Bronzeville on ONE weekend  and experience  Art,  Music, Light, Performances,  new Business and
Nu Energy!

Come on down... and flow with me through some of my 
Weekends in Bronzeville...

AA 62017 Aki Antonia c 2017

Friday, June 16, 2017

Bronzeville Summers Nights are back!! TONIGHT!!

Catch the Bronzeville Trolley tour on east 47th St and check out the live performances tonight!

AA 61617

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bud Biliken Parade… Through a Different Lens

Going to The Bud Biliken Parade in Bronzeville!


BBP Check
I put up my sign for No Parking.√

I see the helicopter!

I have my sunglasses and a fun hat. √
I have just enough for a Sno-ball. √
Uh OH!…...

I hear the drums! 

I hear the drums!
I hear the drums!
I hear the drums!

I hear the Wobble music on a float! 

I hear helicopters!
I'm OUT! 
'Cause I'm going to the Bud Biliken Parade!

All photos by Aki Antonia c2016

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Rolling on the Bronzeville Arts District Trolley Tour….2016

My life in Bronzeville is never boring…
if I said it was...
I would be lying …
In mi vida
 in my barrio… 


Each day is always different…

A summer night

can be filled with the energy of the moment

or it can be mellowand laid back

there is one thing for sure...
The Summer Nights Art District Trolley Tour in Bronzeville
is always 
an interesting and eclectic experience...

2 show you what I mean…
let's time travel back 24 hours…
when I was rolling through Bronzeville 
last night ...
on the Bronzeville Art District Trolley Tour 2016
The  Trolley was rolling!

Although there were several Art Spaces 
Galleries and Art places to see…  
I only had time to stop at three 
at those three stops 
I saw lots of art
on exhibit 
I talked to artists about their work...
I met art lovers and a variety of people ...
who have come to enjoy the Bronzeville Art District ...

I heard some interesting music
I had a glass of white Zinfindel ...
I saw some film at the Bronzeville  Museum site...
 I saw some fun performances

And ….
as I viewed the Exhibit
Echoes On My Journey
a historical exhibition on 
the Great Migration 
of African Americans 
from the South to the North

my energy flowed  from 
the Past…Present and  2 the Future…
in the Galleries of old and Nu Bronzeville...

Come join me on the trolley
where the beauty of a Bronze sculpture from Benin caught my eye...

My first stop was Faie African Art Gallery at 1005 East 43rd Street
At Faie Gallery, you will find an outstanding  collection of  African statues, paintings, masks, musical instruments, pottery, baskets and metalworks.
Laura was having a great time playing the Balephone … 
Musician… Tiona  plays  a melody  along  with her…
Sister Adeleysha  guided us through the collection 
of the sculptures and art.
 Gallery owner Faie was talking to customers.
The art at Faie comes from different  places in Africa and other parts of the African Diaspora…including Haiti  and the Caribbean…. 
A contrast in ancient and modern African art…. in many mediums… turns this gallery into a  rich cultural feast for the eye, the soul and  the spirit… 
An ancient carving with cowry shells captures 
the face of an old Soul... 
A large beautiful sculpture from Benin caught my eye...
We visited the gallery at the lower level.
And then
 We were all back on the trolley
Leaving the African treasures of 
Faie Gallery and rolling through Bronzeville to 47th St….

 Next stop!  
Gallery Gruichard  
and the Bronzeville Artist Lofts
at 436 East 47th St.
Next stop!

All photos by Aki Antonia c 2016 
All rights reserved.
By AA 7152016  BAB c2016