Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Living in the Black Age: Onyxcon 3 & the Afro Futurism Exhibit

Art by Jw III and Mshindo Kuumba I
Art Stars at ONYXCON!
Artists and creators in the Black Age at ONYXCON 3 in Atlanta, Georgia August 2011. This annual convention is organized by artist- founder, Joe Wheeler-JWIII and the New Art Order - Group.
Artist, Afua Richardson and Convention founder, Joseph Wheeler III at Onyxcon 3!

The Art poster was drawn by artist, Mshindo Kuumba I
Artist, Turtel Onli ( Father of the Black Age Movement) displays art at the exhibit and is featured in a workshop panel at the convention.
Art Stars on the ONYXCON Panel
Winners's Circle!
Artist, Afua Richardson (far left) holds the seminal book on Black comics. Her work is featured in this seminal book on illustrators by John Jennings and Damian Duffy titled, BLACK COMIXS.
JwIII Joseph Wheeler, (far right) - founder and President of ONYXCON stands proudly at the 3rd annual event.
Artist, Mshindo Kuumba I created the intense poster art and was one the artist featured at the Onyxcon workshops. His subject was Digital Photoshop. Other workshops featured Jason Mase Mason from Street Team-Creating the video game, Streeteam, Jacycen Wise, Networking and brand building, Afua Richardson, Illustrator Techniques, N Steven Harris- Cinematic Sequence and Maurice November-Digital 3D Rendering.
Artist, N Steven Harris (NY), creator of the Fringe and Vampire Huntress
came in to participate in both the exhibit and the ONYXCON 3 convention.
In the Riffin on the Real- Afro Futurism Exhibit...Onli exhibit features his Rhythmistic Black Age characters from the future at the Tubman exhibit... Sustah Girl... Malcom 10... Nubian of Greatness, NOG in NOG is Back!... and BLANGA, the story of the three Black Age characters joining forces to battle evil!
Artist, Afua Richardson aka (Dr Foo) and fan!
Living In the Black Age... the shirt says it all!
August 2011:Living in the Black Age:
Tales from the front.....
Transmission from the spacecraft: There were two major events at the end of summer that made history in the Black Age Universe and more. One occurred in Atlanta and the other in Macon Georgia...ONYXCON 3 in Atlanta, Georgia and The Afro Futurism Exhibit at the Tubman Museum in Macon Georgia.......Created as two seperate but cosmically joined in the focus on Black Age artists and Afro-Futuristic conceptual ideas...
Black Sci-fi, Animation, Comics, graphic novels, poster art, and books that feature Superheroines and heroes were some of the products that fans could buy at the convention. Workshops and a panel discussion which featured Steven Barnes, Tananarive Due, Afua Richardson and Turtel Onli.
As artists visited , interacted and merged at both venues..the two events began to fuse into a juxatopositon of some of the most exciting artists in this synergistic Black Age... a movement which now features four national Black Age conventions in the nation. Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta.

Now there's The Chicago Black Age Con, Motor City Black Age, The East Coast Black Age Convention and Onyxcon in Atlanta.
Artists, fans and everyday, ordinary folk flocked to the 3rd annual Onxycon convention and to the new Afro-Futurism exhibit: 'Riffin on the Real.
Wish I could have popped down to see... but in the mean time... here are some photos from the front!...........Bamm! Black Age!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Moments from Bud Biliken Parade 2011

Chicago Defender's Bud Biliken Parade 2011
was filled with a montage of characters including a
Bud Biliken
King & Queen; Michael Jackson and Tina Turner imitators; characters from the Wiz; exciting drill teams; drum majors and majorettes; marching bands; the Jesse White Tumblers; House Dance Crews; two new DuSable Museum mobile mini-museums buses; politicians; celebrities; local groups; Black Cowboys and a even Chuck Wagon where you could get a cowboy hat, deputized with a Sheriff's Star and some really good grub!
The Chuck Wagon!
Pop the link!!
All photos and video by Aki Antonia ©2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

FYI:Chi-town's own Nikki Lynette rocks out!

Nikki Lynette - "I call her my musical baby sister 'cause we rock on the same musical tribal groove"... popped out a new video STFU BOY! that was featured on the VIBE website on August 18th, 2011.
Not afraid to rock out her locs, Goddess style, she reminds me of my me of my own band, Akiboards...(take a peek on my You tube page) willing to be funky, LOUD and creative...She is a rocker with a strong Chicagoan work ethic." - Aki Antonia
Did I say she is straight from CHI_TOWN!?
She is Chicagoan, originally from Englewood... 
Now..a North sider.
Independent, Nikki Lynette has been in a zone working her der·ri·ère off on her music and it's starting to look like a launch to the next level with the release of this video. This song is from her Mixtape called Roses N' Guns 2 which will be re-released Sept 6, 2011.
Nikki says on her You tube site: "This song is on my mixtape called Roses N' Guns 2: The BADDER ASSED mixtape that rocks. I'm re-releasing it on Sept. 6th with five new songs. The link to my previously released mixtapes are on my website, The one I'm dropping Sept. 6th is gonna kick wayyy more ass though!
Pop the links for more info!
In her own words...Quotable Nikki:
I have stuff on iTunes, and at http://nikkilynette.bandca And Roses N' Guns 2 (Th Rematch) drops on September 6th!

Love this quote:

I'm actually from ChicagoAllDayEverydayThrowYoHandsUpBabyWhatItDo, Illinois. Chicago rocks. Some day the whole world will know :o)
- Nikki Lynette
August 18, 2011
My new vid is being featured on Vibe Magazine's website! Score one for "The Other Nikki!" LoLoL. Except they mentioned I'm from Detroit...
I'm actually from ChicagoAllDayEverydayThrowYoHandsUpBabyWhatItDo, Illinois. Chicago rocks. Some day the whole world will know :o)
Laced in thigh-high fishnet stockings under combat boots and a risque white blouse, Detroit emcee/singer Nikki Lynette is back with new dance...

Look for more to come!

Rituals Sundays...Back in Bronzeville! August 21, 2011

Rituals Sundays
Host: Corey Walden

Sunday, August 21, 2011
Le Fleur de Lis

301 E 43rd St
Chicago, IL

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bammm! Wobble Baby! Bud Billiken Parade 2011

The Bud Biliken Parade 2011 was real live and real funky!.... And why?

Because there was one major theme song on almost every set of Booming speakers!

"Wobble Baby! Wobble Baby! Wobble!"

"Hey Big girls! Make 'em back it up! Make 'em back it Up!

Get in there! Yea, Yeah! Get in there! Yea, Yeah! - music by VIC

The Wobble Slide anthem was rocking all through the parade and it was interesting to see the crowd wobbling back!

There were some serious Big Girls right there in this parade and they were Wobbling it!

It was a day of grace and peace for all the youth who generally might not be gathered in one place in the community. It appeared that on Bud Biliken Day all groups dispensed with their issues and came together to celebrate Back-to-School and family. At this parade, the King Drive side drives were lined with families, grandparents, parents, children and youth.

At the CHICAGO DEFENDER Newspaper's 82nd Annual Bud Biliken Parade on King drive in Bronzeville, there were a variety of marching bands, floats, dance crews, commercial businesses, radio stations and TV floats, Military bands, multicultural groups and many politicians including the newly elected Mayor Rahm Emmanuel.
Also sighted were local Cook County Commissioner, Toni Preckwinckle, 3rd ward Alderwoman, Pat Dowell , 4th Ward Alderwoman, Will Burns, Congressman, Bobby Rush and many more.
What was new and great for crowd control was new white fences which kept people from surging into the street. Vendors were serving food in an orderly manner and you could find snow -balls, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and cold pop all along the parkway.
As the music and the colors and the costumes down the street, children seemed most fascinated by the energy of the dance crews and their booming bass woofers!

As for me..... I was fascinated by the Black Cowboys on their beautiful horses and also the Chuck Wagon that works with some of the Horse riding groups that were featured in the parade. Their chefs had out done themselves cooking up Saddle leg chicken with Hot or Mild Bar- B-Q Sauce! Um Um Umm Umm Ummm ...there were hot links, green and red peppers and sausages and more. On the side of the Chuck Wagon, there were historical pictures showing the Buffalo soldiers, and Native Americans that had mixed Afro-Mestizo tribes and more.
I was able to step up, get deputized with a star! and..... get a Cowboy hat, kerchief and some really good food!..... Wild Wild West style! Wobble Baby!
All Photos and video by Aki Antonia ©2011
(Wobble Music by VIC - available in I Tunes)
AA 8132011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

82nd Annual Bud Biliken Parade! 2011

Going to head out to my FAVORITE Parade in the whole wide world! The Bud Biliken Parade in Bronzeville! There will be band, drill teams, floats of every kind, sno-balls and a host of local politicians and local national celebrities to welcome students to Back To School!
My love for the parade started when my mother would start dancing at the sound of the drums as they came down the street.
"The Bud Billiken® Parade and Picnic was begun by Chicago Defender’s newspaper founder, Robert S. Abbott, in 1929 as a way for him to show his appreciation to the newspaper’s paper boys. Always held on the second Saturday of August, it has developed into one the City’s premier Back-to-School event." - Chicago Tourism website
GOTTA GO ! I hear the drums! See u there!

Friday, August 5, 2011

South Shore Jazz Festival! Aug 6-7, 2011

McCoy Tyner

Regina Carter

Bobby Blue Bland

Mary Stallings

Dee Alexander

Curtis Robinson

Jazz Ambassadors Band

Chicago Afro Latin Ensemble

King High School Band

Saturday, August 6 - Sunday August 7th, 2011
South Shore Cultural Center, Chicago
7059 South Shore Drive
10 - 6 pm

For a complete Event line Up and schedule go to:

4th Ward Artists Meet with Alderman Will Burns

On August 3, 2011, 4th Ward artists gathered to meet and greet the new 4th ward alderman, Will Burns at a gathering hosted at the home of art collector, Patrick McCoy of Diasporal Rhythms.

A variety of 4th Ward invited Artists at the event included Hyde Park artist, painter-illustrator and professor, Turtel Onli, Bronzeville artist, stained glass artist, Theodore Festor, textile artist and wife Donna Festor, Ramona Lindsey, digital media creator and animator, Martin Lindsey, jewelry makers, designers and more. Also there was community builder, Will Woodley, who is interested in developing art spaces for artists.

Alderman Burns spoke about his focus in the arts, which includes the building of affordable housing for artists and art spaces and his interest in making the arts and arts education a focal point in the 4th ward.

Artists listen as the Alderman speaks about his focus and interests in the arts for the 4th ward.

In the introduction of of Alderman Burns to the large gathering of artists, McCoy spoke of the 'rich cultural capital of the arts and artists' located right here in Bronzeville and Hyde Park.

Ramona Lindsey, textile artist and husband, Martin Lindsey,digital media and animation.

Jewelry maker, Karen Gill and Textile artist, Ramona Lindsey.
Community builder, Will Woodley laughs with WBEZ writer, Achy Obejas and Jewelry maker, Karen Gill.
While I wait for my Pinot Noir, an Africobra piece by Nelson Stevens catches my eye! (lower right)
Art Everywhere!
Art Designer, Angela Williams stands by one of art pieces. (upper right)

The setting for the event was a great place to see the art of many African-American artists in contemporary times. What made it interesting was the African-American art collection of McCoy was showcased in every room from floor to ceiling.

All photos by Aki Antonia ©2011