Friday, August 5, 2011

4th Ward Artists Meet with Alderman Will Burns

On August 3, 2011, 4th Ward artists gathered to meet and greet the new 4th ward alderman, Will Burns at a gathering hosted at the home of art collector, Patrick McCoy of Diasporal Rhythms.

A variety of 4th Ward invited Artists at the event included Hyde Park artist, painter-illustrator and professor, Turtel Onli, Bronzeville artist, stained glass artist, Theodore Festor, textile artist and wife Donna Festor, Ramona Lindsey, digital media creator and animator, Martin Lindsey, jewelry makers, designers and more. Also there was community builder, Will Woodley, who is interested in developing art spaces for artists.

Alderman Burns spoke about his focus in the arts, which includes the building of affordable housing for artists and art spaces and his interest in making the arts and arts education a focal point in the 4th ward.

Artists listen as the Alderman speaks about his focus and interests in the arts for the 4th ward.

In the introduction of of Alderman Burns to the large gathering of artists, McCoy spoke of the 'rich cultural capital of the arts and artists' located right here in Bronzeville and Hyde Park.

Ramona Lindsey, textile artist and husband, Martin Lindsey,digital media and animation.

Jewelry maker, Karen Gill and Textile artist, Ramona Lindsey.
Community builder, Will Woodley laughs with WBEZ writer, Achy Obejas and Jewelry maker, Karen Gill.
While I wait for my Pinot Noir, an Africobra piece by Nelson Stevens catches my eye! (lower right)
Art Everywhere!
Art Designer, Angela Williams stands by one of art pieces. (upper right)

The setting for the event was a great place to see the art of many African-American artists in contemporary times. What made it interesting was the African-American art collection of McCoy was showcased in every room from floor to ceiling.

All photos by Aki Antonia ©2011


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