Monday, August 15, 2011

Bammm! Wobble Baby! Bud Billiken Parade 2011

The Bud Biliken Parade 2011 was real live and real funky!.... And why?

Because there was one major theme song on almost every set of Booming speakers!

"Wobble Baby! Wobble Baby! Wobble!"

"Hey Big girls! Make 'em back it up! Make 'em back it Up!

Get in there! Yea, Yeah! Get in there! Yea, Yeah! - music by VIC

The Wobble Slide anthem was rocking all through the parade and it was interesting to see the crowd wobbling back!

There were some serious Big Girls right there in this parade and they were Wobbling it!

It was a day of grace and peace for all the youth who generally might not be gathered in one place in the community. It appeared that on Bud Biliken Day all groups dispensed with their issues and came together to celebrate Back-to-School and family. At this parade, the King Drive side drives were lined with families, grandparents, parents, children and youth.

At the CHICAGO DEFENDER Newspaper's 82nd Annual Bud Biliken Parade on King drive in Bronzeville, there were a variety of marching bands, floats, dance crews, commercial businesses, radio stations and TV floats, Military bands, multicultural groups and many politicians including the newly elected Mayor Rahm Emmanuel.
Also sighted were local Cook County Commissioner, Toni Preckwinckle, 3rd ward Alderwoman, Pat Dowell , 4th Ward Alderwoman, Will Burns, Congressman, Bobby Rush and many more.
What was new and great for crowd control was new white fences which kept people from surging into the street. Vendors were serving food in an orderly manner and you could find snow -balls, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and cold pop all along the parkway.
As the music and the colors and the costumes down the street, children seemed most fascinated by the energy of the dance crews and their booming bass woofers!

As for me..... I was fascinated by the Black Cowboys on their beautiful horses and also the Chuck Wagon that works with some of the Horse riding groups that were featured in the parade. Their chefs had out done themselves cooking up Saddle leg chicken with Hot or Mild Bar- B-Q Sauce! Um Um Umm Umm Ummm ...there were hot links, green and red peppers and sausages and more. On the side of the Chuck Wagon, there were historical pictures showing the Buffalo soldiers, and Native Americans that had mixed Afro-Mestizo tribes and more.
I was able to step up, get deputized with a star! and..... get a Cowboy hat, kerchief and some really good food!..... Wild Wild West style! Wobble Baby!
All Photos and video by Aki Antonia ©2011
(Wobble Music by VIC - available in I Tunes)
AA 8132011

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