Monday, June 30, 2008

Back 2 my Roots....

Back 2 my Roots....
I was born in Bronzeville.....
I lived in the Ida B Wells extensions at
559 E Browning.... Apartment 409
The buildings were seven stories tall with ten apartments on each floor except the first floor.
So on Halloween, you could rack up all the candy you wanted.
It was enough to last you for a year
and if you went 2 all to the other buildings,
We had flowers and grass then... and in the playground,
I had a favorite swing on the side back.
I loved the 'jects....

We knew everybody in the building...
All the familes...
It was our community.... and we looked out for each other...

Reverend Allen lived on the first floor and through his Salvation Army works along with his family, he saved many souls. To honor their work, Browning Avenue added the name of the Allens.

Browning Ave runs for one block east and west on 35th place between Vincennes and Rhodes, just south of Doolittle School.

Memoirs of a Soul Food Junkie........

Friday Night Fish Fry
I remember my father playing the piano on Friday nights
and the neighbors would be cooking fresh fish......
the kind that they wrapped in newspaper from the fresh fish store.
It could be Catfish, Smelts, Perch, Oysters, Jack Salmon or swimp.....
I said it! Swimp (shrimp)......
Buffalo was my favorite but it had too many bones.

I remember ..........

Catfish, spaghetti and some Red Kool-Aide..
with some Louie Jordan playing
we had it made....
Saturday Night Fish Fry and Let the Good Times Roll
With a slice of yellow pound cake
Joy filled my soul...

With my daddy playing piano,
the neighbors would come from down the hall
They would make it into a party...
We would have a ball

On the holidays my mom would cook
and Ham
and Candied yams...

Blueberry cobbler that could knock you to your knees
Red beans & rice
or Black eye peas..
At the table
My dad was singing "baby, baby, please"....
Pass the
String beans with white potatoes
warm corn bread, fried green tomatoes

Succatosh and squash
Home-made gumbo, jambolya
Smothered chicken with rice
would set your soul on fire.......

Rice and gravy
with Smothered steak
Northern beans and navy
with some yellow corn cakes

Smoked neckbones
with some sauerkraut
Her pineapple upside-down-cake
would turn it out

Oh.. I could go on and on....
Let me stop now...
It's making me 2 hungry...
So the neighbors were coming 4 the music and the food...
getting together on a Friday nite to...let the good times Roll.
AA 6-29-08

Let the Good Times Roll by Louis Jordan

From the Chicago Tribune.......

Many Chicagoans know Ida B. Wells (born July 16, 1862) only as a name on a CHA housing project. And while that's appropriate, sheltering and finding jobs for the needy was one of her missions, Wells' greatest achievement was calling the world's attention to the scourge of lynching. A Southern journalist in exile for her crusade, the self-described "hothead" arrived in Chicago in 1893. She found plenty to do here: protesting black America's near-absence from the World's Fair, forming civic groups that fought racial injustice, helping organize the NAACP and the list goes on. (Tribune archive photo)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Renaissance Remix in Bronzeville

 This blog is written 2 capture:
Artistic Moments in time.... 

   Flights of rhythms & rhyme...

      the Arts on a dime.... 

         When life danced sublime.......

           We lived in 4/4 time


          We mixed Bronze back in time

            Remix! life on the grind....


                 Now....... Nu gardens, nu flowers 

                     & Nu life on the vine

                        We danz black 2 the future

                         2 Renaissance Bronzeville this time....

                                  AA 6-29-08



We real cool. 

We Left school. 

We Lurk late.

We Strike straight.

We Sing sin.

We Thin gin.

We Jazz June.

 We Die soon. 

Gwendolyn Brooks 

'Cause Up In Bronzeville..

 We still... real cool.

   Remix...old school.

 N 2  brand new possibilities

      On a brand new page

         Bronzeville on the rise

           2 the ancestors be praised.

   Aki Antonia 6-24-08 

The Arts provide a fertile lens to explore the terrain.
In this blog I wish to showcase elements of Bronzeville's 
rich cultural history and to capture the spirit 
of Bronzeville's Renaissance today.