Friday, October 21, 2011

ONLI features a historic BLACK AGE exhibit at Artists of East Bank at Bridgeport Art Center

During Chicago Artist's Month 2011, Artists of East Bank will host Open Studios at the Bridgeport Art Center.

OPENING RECEPTION THIS WEEKEND: Friday, October 21 through Sunday October 23rd.

The Art theme for this year is to show how "Visual Artists Network to Form Productive Communities".

Meet a body of exciting artists and enjoy the works of the Artists of East Bank!

One of the Artists of East Bank at the Bridgeport Art Center, ONLI of Onli Studios

will feature a group art exhibition which captures a look into the Afro-futuristisic statements of the visual art collective of the BLACK AGE.

The exhibit features artists, Arie Monroe, John Jennings, Afua Richardson, Corey Greene, Rebeckah Younger, Eric Battle, N. Steven Harris, Turtel Onli and more.

The landmark "Black Comix" coffee table resource book and a variety of Black Age graphic

novels will also be available for researchers or collectors.

For Chicago Artists Month you are warmly invited to

Visit ONLI STUDIOS located on the 4th floor of the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago.

Friday October 21st: Group Exhibition & reception.

4E Gallery 4th Floor and Open Studios: 5pm to 10 pm.

Saturday, Oct. 22nd: Open Studios 1pm to 6 pm

"Creating a community Through the Arts"

Panel discussion 5th floor 3:30pm to 5:30 pm

Sunday, Oct. 23rd: Open Studios 1pm to 6pm.

Artful Brunch 3rd Floor Noon .

Call 773-726-1610 for appointments.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Global:Bronzevillian:Black Perspectives at the Chicago International Film Festival

2 More Global Films from the Black Perspectives category at the Chicago International Film Festival to be shown Monday Oct 17th, 2011..
Director: Isaki Lacuesta
Prepare to be taken over by this delightfully enigmatic storyline that traverses centuries, continents and cultures. The “double steps” in question refer to advice left by French artist François Augiéras, who claimed the best way to escape one’s enemies is to walk backwards over your own footprints. Using one of Augiéras’ lost works as the catalyst for the story, filmmaker Isaki Lacuesta and painter Miquel Barceló weave together the structure and iconography of the road movie with African griot storytelling.
Spanish with subtitles, 86 min
Show times : Monday Oct 17, 8:30 pm Tuesday Oct 18, 6:30 pm

AMC River East 21, 322 East Illinois Street, Chicago IL 60611


Director: Stephen Lloyd Jackson
The thin veneer of youth, money, good looks and love are shattered when David is diagnosed with HIV. With his pregnant fiancée kept in the dark, David confronts the realization that he may have infected them as well. Sessions with a therapist become a narrative device that filmmaker Stephen Lloyd Jackson uses to document David’s descent into hedonistic despair. 90 min
Mon Oct 17, 9:00 pm
Director Stephen Lloyd Jackson will be in attendance.

All Me -The Life and Times of Winferd Rembert Film-Oct 17 and 18th

CHICAGO ARTISTS MONTH....At the Chicago International Film Festival, Monday, October 17 at 4:30 pm and Tuesday, October 18 at 5:50 pm!!

ALL Me: The Life and Times of Winferd Rembert
"With his intensely autobiographical paintings depicting the day-to-day existence of African Americans in the segregated South, Winfred Rembert has preserved an important, if often disturbing, chapter of American history.
Now in his sixties, Rembert has developed a growing following among collectors and connoisseurs, and enjoyed a number of tributes and exhibitions of his work.
In “ALL ME: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert,” the artist relives his turbulent life, abundantly visualized by his extensive paintings and, in a series of intimate reminiscences, shows us how even the most painful memories can be transformed into something meaningful and beautiful.
A glowing portrait of how an artist—and his art—is made, “ALL ME” is also a triumphant saga of race in contemporary America." -Source-All Me website
For more information please contact us at

and go to this exciting link:

The film will be shown at the Chicago International Film Festival

Monday Oct. 17, 4:30pm and Tuesday Oct. 18, 5:50pm.

AMC River East 21, 322 East Illinois Street, Chicago IL 60611

Director Vivian Ducat will be in attendance at both showings.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Bombay Sapphire Artisans Series Exhibit at Gallery Guichard

Saturday: 10/15/11
One of the hot Art moments in Bronzeville this month!
The Chicago Finale of the nationwide art contest

"The Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series"
is sweeping the country. Out of 386 artists submissions from Chicago, 70 artists have been chosen to exhibit!
Two artists from Chicago will be selected to exhibit in Miami this December during Art Basel Miami 2011.
See the list! Click on the photo to resize!

The two winners will be selected by a Celebrity Jury Panel including:

Octavia Hooks, Manager, Community Affairs at Museum of Science and Industry. She directs the Black Creativity Annual Juried exhibit, advocate for the visual arts and avid fine art collector.

Curtis Jones, Founder of Cajual Records AKA " Green Velvet " legendary house recording artist and Master Collector with over 200 masterpieces in his collection. Avid supporter of the arts.

Daniel Texidor Parker, Professor, Author, Master Collector. It has taken Daniel Texidor Parker over 30 years to acquire the 450 plus masterpieces in his collection. Using his home as an example, Parker wrote African Art: the Diaspora and Beyond to induce the reader to experience at least an iota of the joy, passion and celebration that he experiences when in the presence of extraordinary works of art.

Barbara Koenen, Director of Chicago Artists Resource (CAR),Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. Graduate School of the Art Institute of Chicago and works for the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events on policy and programs that support individual artists, including the Chicago Artists Resource ,Creative Chicago Expo, and Artists At Work Forums. An artist as well, she has exhibited her work in Germany, Slovenia, Texas, New York and Idaho, but mostly in Chicago.

Frances Guichard, Ms. Guichard is gallerist, co-owner and business manager of Gallery Guichard. She is an advocate for the visual arts and an avid fine art collector with over 150 masterpieces in thier collection. Frances has traveled to many places around the world in search of the best fine art the world has to offer.

Artist, ONLI is one of the finalist selected in the Artisan Series National Art Contest

Speaking of The Artisans Bombay Sapphire Art Series,
Bronzeville - Hyde Park-Chicago artist, Turtel Onli is represented as one of the finalist selected in the Chicago  Rusell Simmon's, Artisans Bombay Sapphire Art contest. 
The voting continues... Here's how you can vote!

As the Sirens Sweetly Sang.. by Turtel Onli
The triptych, "As The Sirens Sweetly Sang" is a 30"H X 120" W neo-classical Rhythmistic treatment. Oils on museum profiled canvas. The subject: Mermaids caring for oil tainted sea creatures after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year.

Click on the link. Look down at the small thumbnail scroll bar to find his painting.. Submit your vote! Thanks!

The Bronzeville Art District Trolley Tour is Back! Friday, Oct 14 - 6-9 pm


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chico & Rita movie -The Javier Mariscal Interview See it at The Chicago International Film Festival

Stills from Chico and Rita by Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal
Interview with Javier Mariscal, designer and animator of the movie Chico and Rita.
For this exciting interview: Pop the link!

Chico and Rita is an animated feature-length film directed by Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal. The story of Chico and Rita is set against backdrops of Havana, New York City,Las Vegas, Hollywood and Paris in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
Synopsis - A gifted songwriter and beautiful singer chase their dreams – and each other – from Havana to New York and Las Vegas. Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and romantic desire unite them, but their journey – in the tradition of the Latin ballad, the bolero – brings heartache and torment.
Collaborators - Director Fernando Trueba met designer and artist Javier Mariscal ten years ago when he asked him to create a poster for his Latin jazz documentary Calle 54. So began a collaboration that saw Mariscal design all the artwork for Trueba’s Calle 54 Records, make animated pop promos for the label, and together create a jazz-music restaurant in Madrid. The idea to make an animated feature film emerged out of one of those pop promos, La Negra Tomasa by Cuban musician Compay Segundo. - Wikipedia

See the Film at the:
CHICO & RITA will be at the 47th Chicago International Film Festival this month!
Show Times:
  • Fri Oct 14, 3:15pm , EFCHIC1 – $5
  • Sat Oct 15, 8:00pm , EFCHIC2 – $13/$10
  • Sun Oct 16, 12:30pm , EFCHIC3 – $13/$10
Directors: Fernando Trueba, Javier Mariscal and Tono Errando
Amidst the Afro-Cuban rhythms of Havana in the 1940s, Chico and Rita fall immediately in love. But infidelity and their respective pursuit of fame both unite and pull them apart for the next six decades. Spanish filmmaker and music producer Fernando Trueba (La Belle Epoque, Calle 54), graphic artist Javier Mariscal, and animator Tono Errando pay tribute to the great Afro-Cuban and Be-bop musicians of the 40s and 50s in this delightfully sensuous animated film.
English, Spanish with subtitles, 94 min