Thursday, October 9, 2008

Speaking 'bout the Blues..Lefty Dizz took me 2 School

by Aki Antonia
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Never used 2 really like the Blues. Thought they were 2 depressing.
All the songs sounded the same and it seemed like they were
all played in one key.
But what did I know?
I had never really listened 2 my own Blues inside.
Had tuned them out...
Had never really played the blues...
Had never really paid no dues...
Never really used to understand the Blues until I had the opportunity 2 interview Bluesman, Lefty Dizz for an article on the Blues in Jam Sessions Magazine.
He told me... one day the Blues was gonna sneak up on me and seep into my soul. Then I would really know how to play the Blues...
Then I would know how 2 play a solo that ment something.
Not just a bunch a notes played up against the right chords...
but a feeling.
He said the Blues is a feeling...

He talked about how he had sat with a young left handed guitarist named Jimi Hendrix and taught him a few things on the guitar..... Told me about how he would reverse his thinking 2 get low down and dirty on the left hand....
I got a chance to play with Dizz on a gig or two. Got the opportunity 2 jam with him and a guitarist friend, Dale Williams right there at the Checkerboard. What a joy! We were playin' the blues that night! He taught me 2 feel my way through. "Have a conversation with your melody. Make yo melody talk! He played me some examples all left handed and crazy.....
I swear the lines sounded just like English!

I learned 2 play my own blues.. to tell my own stories and 2 bend the notes in between...

Bamp! bampr! Bamp! Bamp!
Why u come home so late baby?
U might as well stay out all night long!
Why--aiiiii U stay out so late baby?!
U might as well stay out all night long.
Next time the sun catch u crying.
U gon' find out that I am gone."
AA lyrics c 2008

LC and Buddy Guy speak about the Checkerboard Lounge
Baby I'm Going Down to the Checkerboard!
Jam Sessions Interview
by Aki Antonia

I used to go in the Checkerboard on 43rd St. when Lefty Dizz was playing.
Yes, I remember Jr. Wells and Johnny Dollar would be hanging out and..........
Buddy Guy was always around lighting up the room with his big smile and his big sound.

One night in 1981.... the Rolling Stones... Lefty Dizz and Muddy Waters rolled into the Checkerboard and this is a little something from that night....
I was there! And they played the blues that night!
With Muddy in the House, class was over!
Yes, yes, yes!

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