Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carpe Diem!

12 days 2 go..... Carpe Diem!
For me... the wait is like labor... the contractions get harder and harder at the end
but it 's fine because it is the Birth of a New Nation.... 
the beginning of a new America..
the awakening from a long fitful sleep 
to the actualization of a multicultural, multiglobal Dream.
Barack Obama has not only practiced Carpe Diem 
but he has seized the moment in history... 
a profound moment of change
that resonates around the nation..... 
and around the world 
as loudly as the moment that was seized by Rosa Parks....

This is not a refusal to go to the the back of the bus,
but a profound moment to drive the bus 
into a new future for America and the world.

Aki Antonia - 10-22-08 c 2008 All rights reserved
Reprinted from my blog ONE NATION at:
ONE NATION is written to follow moments in the historic journey of  Senator Barack Obama.

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