Saturday, July 21, 2012

Living In the Black Age at DuSable Museum Arts Festival!

Art by Mshindo Kuumba I
All rights reserved.
As if wasn't hot enough... Black Age XV was on fire!... in the summer heat at
The DuSable Museum Arts & Crafts Festival 2012 last weekend, July 14-15 in Chicago.
This year's event featured artists from various parts of the US who came in to bring the growing Black Age of Comics movement home to Chicago where it started.

The 15th Black Age convention events were presented by ONLI STUDIOS and featured artists & authors including :
Afua Richardson, Eric Battle, Yaounde Olu, Mshindo Kuumba I,
N Steven Harris, Uraeus,
Joe Currie, Yorlie Huff, Turtel Onli and more.
Artists and authors were autographing books, selling books, graphic novels, prints and original art to all ages of fans, parents, Collectors,educators and students.
Check the rhythms.... Feel the ritmos!
For more info about the Black Age go to:
You can purchase Black Age Comics Books at The DuSable Museum Gift shop.
Joe Currie flexin', N Steven Harris on some Art Zen.. and Mshindo on point...
at Chicago's Black Age XV! 2012
Superheros have to stay in shape!.... ONLI joins the crew...
What!? What!? BLACK AGE!

Artists - Afua Richardson, Yoaunde Olu, Uraeus,
(Onli Studios Art Interns) Isis, Lauren
Eric Battle, Joe Currie, Yorlie Huff, Mshindo, Father of the Black Age,Turtel Onli and more...
at BLACK AGE XV! - ChiCago!
Artist , Eric Battle talks about art skills with young artist, Lauren. Isis and Lauren brought energy and as they painted everyone at Black Age XV!
Artist, Afua Richardson talks about art ....
The look.. the FUNK, the feel, the flow of the Fashion of BLACK AGE....
Artist, Afua checks out the musical performances at the DuSable Arts Festival.
Afua is a multi-talented musical performer as well...
She sings, plays bass and has performed in theatrical performances.

All Photos by Aki Antonia ©2012
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