Thursday, June 28, 2012

Straight out of CHI-TOWN!~Lupe Fiasco's Back!

Lupe Fiasco's new joint.. Around My Way {Freedom Aint Free}
feat: Chicago saxophonist and former Miles Davis songwriter, Glenn Burris.
Chi-Town all day!

Lupe Fiasco is back on the block
spitting global lyrics
if we choose 2 hear it
about the current state of affairs...
not splitting hairs...
about fossil fuels
and some folks
need 2 b cruel...

Lupe's spitting lyrics
on a Chi-town ~ Downtown...roof
From a brown Bungalow ....straight from the hood
Popping a 40
Itz all good...
Lupe's back!
and itz all understood...
by AA©2012
All song lyrics are from the Lupe Fiasco video. All rights reserved.

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