Thursday, May 17, 2012

Make My Funk!...Atomic Dog...George Clinton at the Cubby Bear 5-10-2012

This Funk is some serious Business! That's why we're suited up!
Clinton and FUNKADELIC were just awesome!!
From the beginning...their repertoire swung from big band...ala CAb Calloway gooves into some
double neck guitar Mega-Metal Funk!

Ha da da dee da hada hada da da!!
One Nation under a groove!
Gettin' down just for the funk of it!
Can I get it on my good foot!
Gettin' down just for the funk of it!
Funkateers were doing it!!
A FUNKTASTIC MOMENT: G Clinton invited Tiona and Aki
to come up on stage and play on AtOmiC Dog!
Sir Nose came 2 get us! Uh Oh! Time 2 get the FUNKy!!!
Aki...getting ready to crank up the Funk!
Oh YeaH, We gON dO this! Tionna & Aki get ready to play w CLINTON!! WOooF!WOooF!! ROOFF!
Time 2 tune up for Atomic DOG!!
A Nurse on Roller Skates rocked out!!
A shout out to the sound Man. The sound at Cubby Bear was awesome.
Clean, clear and all in yo FACE!!
Funking up that Moog!! Holding it down, holding it down on the keys!!
Sir Nose.. up close... Hmmmm...
Yeah, this is a story of a famous dog
For the dog that chases it's tail will be dizzy
These are clapping dogs, rhythmic dogs!
Harmonic dogs, house dogs, street dogs!
Dog of the world unite!
Dancin' dogs!
Countin' dogs, funky dogs
Nasty dogs!
Why must I feel like that?
Why must I chase the cat?
Nothin' but the dog in me!
George was Funking so hard... it was crazy!! And the band was throwing down the Mega Funk!
Everybody's got a little light under the sun!!
Ow, We want the funk!
Give up the funk!
Ow, we need the funk..Let us in we'll tear this mother out!
We gotta have that funk!
You've got a real type of thing going down, gettin' down!
There's a whole lot of rhythm going round!
Tear the roof off, we're gonna tear the roof off the mother, sucker!
Tear the roof off the sucker!

You've got a real type of thing going down, gettin' down
There's a whole lot of rhythm going round
Ow, we want the funk
Give up the funk
Ow, we need the funk
We gotta have that funk
La la la la la
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, owww!
Flash light!
Red light!
Neon light!
Ooh, Stop light!

Most of all he needs the funk!
Help him find the funk!
Funkateers and Musicians, Tony, Tiona, Beauregard, Aki, Lothario, Cat Daddy
One Nation under a groove,
Gettin' down just for the funk of it!
Can I get it on my good foot
Gettin' down just for the funk of it!

One nation and we're on the move
Nothin' can stop us now
Aye aye aye aye aye!
Feet don't fail me now....
Give you more of what you're funkin' for
Feet don't fail me now!

G Clinton, G Shider, W Morrison
All songs c 1978 Malbiz Music, Inc
All song lyrics are reprinted as part of George Clinton's musical works.
All rights reserved.
All photos and video created by Aki Antonia c 2012

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Gerald Kimble said...

Wish I could have been there Aki! Guess I need to stay in closer touch! Gerald