Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bud Biliken Parade… Through a Different Lens

Pop the video!

I'm loving the colors…. but the Strawberry Blonde wigs…especially on the children…just seems to reinforce a beauty standard that I think takes our young ones into a land of wanting to be blonde with straight hair… 
like a live troupe of live B dolls in a dance of cultural   insanity
like live B dolls marching lockstep in a  rhythm  of cultural appropriation... of Blonde  ballerinas...

I'm curious.. 
What if we showed our youth the blonde energy that one might find in Australia's aboriginals or the people of Solomon islands… 
and the costumes that they use in their festivals and the celebrations that go with it?… 

What if they  were shown the  dance energy of  the dancers of  MUNTU Dance  Theatre which was started by Alyo Tolbert right here in Chicago? 
or Les Ballet Africaines  national dance company of Guinea... or the energy and the costumes of the Junkanoo dancers in the Bahamas ….or the the Samba dancers of Brazil….or the Afro-Cuban steps of our people in Cuba or the Afro Mestizo moves of our  people in Veracruz, Mexico... 

What if we infused our young ones with more cultural references that  could help them tune into  their own  natural Diasporal flow…… in Global Bronzeville

Then I think we might see a nu Global Mix of Urban Chicago House Funk and the tribal  energy of our Diaspora from around the world  in our  Bud Biliken Parade! 
Bring on the noise! Bring on the drums! Ase!

Bud Biliken photos by Aki Antonia c2016
JUnkanoo Festival  photo by Carl Welti
AA 8132016 

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