Saturday, August 9, 2014

Before the Bud Biliken Parade … Bronzeville

It's early in the morning… and I'm catching the flow and the rhythm of folks coming to the Parade.  They're bringing their smiles and their HapPY to the one of the largest Parades in the country, in a celebration for Back to School, The Chicago Daily  Defender Newspaper holds an annual Bud Biliken Parade on Martin Luther King Drive in Bronzeville, Chicago. 

Bud Biliken 2014- BAB  Bronzeville Arts Blog
People come back home to Bronzeville from all over the city to catch one of the largest Parades in the nation.
There's an energy... a flow..  a smell … and a rhythm to Bud Biliken… 
I can hear the people walking and talking as they go to the parade…
Excited… anticipating finding that spot…and the smiles on the faces of kids… Priceless!
The smell of Bar-B-Q and hot links is wafting from the Chuck Wagon and other food grills. The Balloons are being blown up and the snowball stands are in place…. Next when I hear the drums I've  got to go!  See you at Bud Biliken…Bronzeville.

The Neighborhood guys….setting up shop at the site of the original Checkerboard Blues Club!

 Martin Luther King Drive awaits the drums of the Marching Bands, Floats and more! 
 The Forum stands in the light on Muddy Waters Drive!
Let's get it going. We're ready!!
 The new Mural Of Nat King Cole on 43rd and King Drive!
(Muddy Waters Drive and King Drive)

 Seats are now  available at Johnson College Prep!
 Getting ready for Bud Biliken on Muddy Waters Drive!
The Chuck Wagon is Back!

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