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From Tokyo 2 Bronzeville…Dreams of Lefty Dizz

From Tokyo 2 Bronzeville…. 
Dreams of Lefty Dizz...

Pen &Ink  by Jun Ogasarawa c2014

She had been writing about her dreams of the late great BluesmanLefty Dizz
Said he had whispering some things in her ear…

At the Chicago Bluesfest….  
by Aki Antonia 6-13-2014 BAB

Today after many, months of writing I had the honor to meet a young artist and art student who has been writing to me for almost a year from Tokyo in my inbox…    Jun Ogasawara
Jun Ogasarawa in Tokyo

She had been writing about her dreams to come to Chicago...  
She had been writing about her dreams of the late great Bluesman…Lefty Dizz…
Said he had whispering' some things in her ear…

Said she didn't know how…but she was determined to come to Chicago to pay homage to him, his music and to follow path of the great Bluesmen...

She spoke of how she enjoyed the Blues and that she went to Blues concerts in Tokyo..

Said she hoped to meet me at the Chicago BluesFest! 

I had never met her in person but it seems we had dreams that interfaced across the waters from Bronzeville  to Tokyo in a magical... mystical and musical way….•*¨*•♫♪♪♫¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ .•*¨*•♫♪

We began  our conversations  online when she read an article  on my Bronzeville Arts blog about my encounters with Lefty Dizz at the Checkerboard where I had the honor to play with him... and eventually interview him for a cover story in Jam Sessions paper.
Blues In the Night 
The Lefty Dizz Interview - Jam Sessions
by Aki Antonia
She was so excited to learn that I had grown up right around the corner from the Checkerboard…and  had seen Buddy Guy Lefty Dizz, Jr Wells all the time ..
 The Checkerboard Lounge 
423 E 43rd St. (Muddy Waters Drive)
Aki points out the Checkerboard just before it closed. 

And...that I been there the night that Muddy Waters, the Rolling Stones and Lefty Dizz and more…. had lit up the block with their Blues in the Night!!!

And so we met… on the steps of the Art Institute and began to continue our conversations on her wonderful Blues Adventure in Chicago!
6132014 cAki Antonia 
Pen & Ink by JunOgasawara c2014 
All rights reserved.

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