Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jazz in Nu Bronzeville... at Norman's Bistro

Jazz in Nu Bronzeville...
I'm sipping on a cherry coke and listening as the lights and shadows play their own night music against the African Masks and raw brick backdrop at Norman's Bistro.
Ernest Khabeer Dawkins and the young musicians are swinging some straight ahead intense jazz. ..
Duke Ellington's Caravan and I Didn't Know What Time It Was ....segues into Footprints....with a bit of Chicago styled atonal bebop layers...
It's a super potent mix of retro-nuevo Jazz in Nu Bronzeville.

Ernest Kahbeer Dawkins's Jam Session on Sunday nights at Norman's Bistro in the bar is a cool musical flight... into some straight ahead intimate Jazz...with Nu Bronzevillian nuances!

Jazz in Nu Bronzeville...

Sketching on a groove...at the Sunday night the Open Jam Session with Ernest Khabeer Dawkins.

They were flowing through Footprints...Mr P.C.. A minor Blues and a ballad or 2...

So relaxed, musical and audience friendly...

Tonight's set included on piano: Niles Tate, bass: Mike Lough, drums: Isaiah Spencer, and on trumpet: Ben There was also a vibraphone player who sat in earlier.
Ernest Khabeer Dawkins...caught in the light and shadows as he heads up the open Jam session at Norman's Bistro on Sunday Nights.

All photos and Sketch art by


Aki Antonia

AA 3312012

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