Thursday, December 22, 2011

Spiritual Art from Bronzeville - The Visonary Charts of Rev Samuel David Phillips

Reverend Samuel David Phillips (l) uses his unique charts to express his visions of the scriptures.
Scrolls by Reverend Samuel David Phillips on display at a Gallery Art Exhibit.

In Bronzeville, the visuals arts are expressed in many ways including museum art, art exhibits, murals, public art sculptures and structural monuments. We see the architectural beauty in the design of our churches but what about the art expressed in our spiritual realm such as scripture?

One man who expressed his work of his ministry and the scriptures of the Bible was the late Reverend Samuel David Phillips, co-pastor and artist of The Progressive Pentecostal Mission, which was located at 43rd and State Street from the 1940's through the 1960's.

The late Reverend Samuel David Phillips presented his visionary Biblical based sermons to his church members and students of the Pentecostal vision. Rev. Phillips viewed the charts as the work of God flowing through him in an effort to reach and teach more people during the period of the Great Migration.

His art is presented on huge life size scrolls which vividly bring the stories of scriptures to life in the form of colorful, expressive and powerful drawings. These charts reveal Reverend Phillips' intense artistic vision of the Bible's apocalyptic revelations. His works have been presented in major art exhibits in the nation and one of his charts is part of the the permanent collection of The Intuit Center for Intuitive Art in Chicago.

The Lindsay Gallery will be showcasing a selection of important charts by the late Rev. Samuel David Phillips at the Outsider Art Fair in January, 2012 in NYC.

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