Saturday, November 5, 2011

Brother Zakee Memorial today at 12 noon November 5, 2011

Brother Zakee has joined the Ancestors....
Peter Blue and Zakee at the 2008 Bud Biliken Parade
Zakee enjoyed attending festivals , concerts, cultural events, Bud Biliken and more.
I've spent many a day.. mostly in summers...talking and laughing with him at events.
What a interesting spirit!
We've never had a boring conversation! I've seen him at concerts including the African Fests, the Chicago Jazz Fests, Miles Davis Concerts, art fairs and all over Hyde Park ...or Grant Park....
One would find Zakee... everywhere! If I were to describe Zakee, the words would have to include, ubiquitous, lively, spiritual and with a quick and intelligent sense of humor.
He had traveled the world including countries ... Peru, Brazil and more.
My last moments with him were at the 2011 Hyde Park Jazz Fest in September 2011.
Zakee , you will be missed. Ase'

Note from one of Zakee's oldest friends from his kindergarden circle.

Hotep! Family:

This is to inform you that our brother, Zakee has joined the Ancestors.

He will be funeralized today Saturday, Nov. 5th, 2011 from 12 noon til 1:30 pm on the grounds of Oakwoods Cemetary.

The entrance is at 67th and Maryland. We will be in the Chapel building.

Please inform others who knew and interacted with Zakee. May he R.I.P. -- Mansong

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