Saturday, September 3, 2011

The 22nd Chicago African Festival 2011....Day 1

A peek into day 1 of the African Fest..... where I hung all day into the evening...
First I went in early... Wanted to be one the first to be there! And we waited and waited in a short line to get in..
Hmmmmm......10:30 am stretched to 11 am and... then.........they finally opened the ticket booth! We went in to the largest festival of the summer on the south side.

For 22 years....on the Labor Day weekend, the Chicago African fest invites us to come... and sample the sounds, the music, the art and the foods of the African diaspora! This year the music's main stage includes Chico DeBarge, Al B Sure, Bootsy Collins, Mary Mary and India Arie!

I watched the vendors putting up their displays... getting in a little breakfast and opening the market for the day... That was fun..
I visited with artists and vendors that I see this every year...just communing and catching up on the news of our lives in our cosmic creative village.
Then I heard the music!! ....and followed it to my favorite booth!... the Stepper's Booth with the Wobble DVD! Uh Oh! Hung out with them long enough catch a group of suburban high schoolers and encourage to them to check out the Wobble Slide! It was on! Suki Suki! Now!
Pop the video!

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