Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chicago Artist Month• HyPa * Art Here Art Now-Artspaces exhibit

Artist, Marty Barnes and Artist, Cydney Lewis share a smile by the flowers created by Barnes at Art Here, Art Now.
"Central Park"- mixed media by artist, Cydney M Lewis

Director of Civic Engagement at University of Chicago, Michelle Olson and Artist, Cydney M Lewis stand by Lewis' mixed media works in the artspace on the corner of 53rd and Harper.

Olson spoke about the goal of the project during Chicago Artists Month. "The U of C is a big supporter of the arts in Hyde Park. Art contributes to community and we want to see it create vitality and keep the spaces alive."

Artist, Melissa Weber's concept "was to transform the spaces into artspaces to bring the community and the artist together."

Debby Halpern of Hy Pa chats with Carolyn Albritton from the Hyde Park Jazz Festival.
Albritton is the engine behind the upsurge in the promotion of Jazz all over Hyde Park including Duet performances at the upscale resturant, Park 52 and noontime Jazz concerts at the Hyde Park Shopping Center.
Art lovers pour into the barbershop artspace on 53rd and Harper
redesigned by collector, Peter Zeigler.
This space was the original barbershop of President Obama, a Hyde Park resident.
Artist, Star Page stops in the remixed Artspace by Peter Zeigler,
(shown seated in the mirror)
Artist, Dorian Sylvain comes out to experience the Art Here, Art Now exhibit.
Art Here Art Now
"The Hyde Park Alliance for Arts and Culture and the University of Chicago collaborated with artist, Melisa Weber and other southside artists and arts organizations to create window art installations and studios that invite the public to engage with the artistic processes and visit with working artists."
Every Saturday in October- 2010
1PM - 5PM
1452-1466 E 53rd st.
The space will host several public art programs. For more info and schedule for the month

Go to: Art Here Art Now on 53rd Street or visit the

Art Here Art Now Facebook page for all of the latest news.

Program Co-ordinator for the University of Chicago Arts Collaborations, Dara Epson is one of the primary creators of the the Art Here Art Now exhibits and installations.
Hyde Park Artist, Turtel Onli of Onli Studios and Hy Pa, puts a choke hold on Darth Vader as he installs art for the upcoming exhibit at the "Black Age Central" museum-store that will be at the HyPa space between October 11 through Oct 15, 2010. Kenwood Graphic art design students also worked on an installation of a presentation of their graphic art for the exhibit. The students worked independently and professionally as they completed their work.
Artist, Onli shows the new book, Black Comix by John Jennings and Damien Duffy which features art of the Black Age to an art fan. On October 15, 2010, "Black Comix" will be one of the books signed at the "Black Age Central" Store. It will be signed by artist-author John Jennings. On October 16, 2010, Onli Studios will host the 13th Black Age Convention at Kenwood Academy at 5015 S Blackstone. All events are a part of BLACK AGE WEEKEND, a series of art events that focus on the Black Age art movement. For more information see:
Musican, writer and art collector, Aki Antonia, who lived for many years in Hyde Park before returning to Bronzeville, enjoyed seeing the artspaces come alive. " Many of these spaces have been closed and empty for some time and it's great to see 53rd Street return to it's roots in artistry. When I lived in Hyde Park in the 70's and 80's, I spent many days at the 57th St Art Fairs, the Harper Court Art Fairs, Artisans 21, Window to Africa and in out of many art shops buying trade beads and amber and fabric at the Bazzar on 53rd St. I loved going to the art supply store in Harper Court. In later years, I enjoyed coming to What the Traveler Saw and buying art and crafts from Morocco and all over the world."
All photos by Aki Antonia c2010.

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