Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Art in the Round 2010

A painting of Tracey Chapman by artist, Juarez Hawkins
was featured in the showcase of art dealer, John Martin.
Rhythmistic Artist, and Art Professor, Turtel Onli,
Art Educator, Pamela Slaughtaire,Taki Raton
and Don Rashid, Arts supporter.

Ione Graves hosts the works of artist,
Nolan A Bowie from Cambridge, MA.

Denise L. Bowman hosted the works of
African-American Fine Arts curator and art dealer, John Martin.
Artist, Nolan A. Bowie.
Bowie teaches art at Harvard University.
Bronzeville Art collector, Robert Strongman with Birds of Paradise by artist, Onli.
Pamela Slaughtaire chats with a young artist about his excitement
to be attending an Arts college program in the fall.
Two art buyers, Erica and Katrina consider the Rhythmistic triptic by artist, Turtel Onli.
An art buyer looks at the artworks of Onli in his Fine Arts book.
Whismsical and colorful figurative paintings and prints
by Nolan A. Bowie.
Art buyer, Ron West was learning about the growing movement of Rhythmism while reading Rhythm and Sound, a book of album covers printed out of the U.K. The book features the works of many progressive jazz and avante-garde musicians.
Onli's art is the featured as the first album cover of musicians, Joseph Jarmon and Anthony Braxton.
Artist, Ronnie Gettings admires the the work of
artist, Romare Bearden
from works of art dealer and curator, John Martin.

All photos by Aki Antonia c2010. All rights Reserved

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