Friday, April 9, 2010

C2E2 will host Black Comix Discussion at McCormick Place-Bronzeville

The largest Comic Book convention to come to Chicago lands in Bronzeville at McCormick place. Come out and join the excitement!

Black Comix: African American Independent Comics, Art, And Culture
Panel discussion and presentation in Chicago at C2E2 April 17th at McCormick Place.
The art and culture of African American independent comics is a vibrant, growing, but drastically overlooked facet of sequential art. Comics creators, scholars, and curators John Jennings and Damian Duffy have been on a mission to help spread the word about black comics creators on the grind and under the radar. From curating national and international comics art exhibitions, to their new art book Black Comix: African American Independent Comics Art and Culture, the pair have gathered together an unprecedented and under appreciated collection of work from working masters of American comics. Join them for a discussion with comics scholar Stanford Carpenter and comics creators Ashley A. Woods (Millennia War), Jiba Anderson (The Horsemen), and Turtel Onli (Malcolm-10, Sustah Girl) about the art and culture of comics of color.

Turtel Onli, The “Father of the Black Age of Comics”, the founder of the Black Age movement will be speaking at C2E2 April 17th, 2010 at McCormick Place. Onli coined the term, “The Black Age”, and produced the world’s first Black Age of Comic’s convention in Chicago in 1993. Visit for details about this amazing and exciting historic event.

Visit and or to collect these exciting graphic novels & comic books. In years to come these earlier Black Age works will increase in value among collectors, curators, fans, and historians. “Indie today: Black Age forever!!!” ONLI STUDIOS

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