Friday, February 12, 2010

The Chicago Auto Show 2010

(BAB) Chicago-1st look for Charity Night -Chicago Auto Show 2010

Video diary....February 11, 2010...

OK! I admit this was such a sensual experience....

There is nothing like the smell and the feel of new car...

So come take a ride with me.....

Shall we take the Jag , the Lamborghini or the Maserati?

You tell me.

Oh ... I know.... Let's take the Maybach

with the reclinder seats

...with the curtains wrapped around the windows..

etc., etc., etc. Ummm.....

Oh, we don't drive this... That's for James.... Ok!?

And yes, after all that ...I did have the

champagne with strawberries dipped in chocolate'.

Video slide show by Aki Antonia c 2010

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