Friday, January 15, 2010

Art critic and WHPK radio host, Nathaniel McLin passed away this week.

Art critic and radio interviewer, Nathaniel McLin, photographer, Bobby Sengstake, an art maker and Raynard Hall at the African American Fine Art Exhibit - 2008.

(BAB) Chicago - Nathaniel McLin, 54, died suddenly this week of unknown causes. He was known as a great supporter of the arts and artists. Nathaniel McLin was an art critic, a radio interviewer, a writer, a theatre supporter, a lover of music and most recently a podcaster.
He hosted a lively interview radio show for many years at at Kennedy King's KKC before moving to University of Chicago's WHPK radio. He wrote about the arts for arts publications and could be found at many art exhibits and historical lectures around Chicago.
Mr. Mc Lin was also a fine vocalist and the son of legendary music teacher and composer, Lena McLin and Nathaniel McLin.


Dawoud Bey said...

Nathaniel was such a singular presence here in Chicago. His critical voice and presence, along with his unwavering support and love of the arts will surely be missed. I always looked forward to my conversations with him.

Tamara Wasserman said...

I am so sad. Nathaniel was such a special and intelligent art critic and person. He really understood contemporary art and was encouraging to many artist. He really made me feel that my art and art in general matters. I am very grateful to Nathaniel McLin.