Friday, April 10, 2009

Turtel Onli•Rhythmistic Art Exhibit at ETA

Passion Fruit/ No Evils
Original Rhythmistic Artworks by Turtel Onli

Joy and Aki discuss a self portrait of Onli  titled, Fire. The painting captures the artist as he gazes into a fire which destroyed a huge amount his work from childhood until early 2002.

Rhythmistic artist, Turtel Onli opened his exhibit titled,  
Passion Fruit/No Evils on April 9 at ETA Gallery. 
The gallery is located at 7558 S South Chicago Avenue in Chicago. 
It continues until May 31, 2009.
For a view of the  cosmic opening ZOOOOM!! Press Play..............
All Pics and Slideshow by Aki Antonia
All Rights Reserved

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