Monday, July 7, 2008

Jam Sessions at the home of my Grandfather.....

Jam Sessions Back in the Day.... before Cherokee
Many a piano player came to the Jam sessions at my grandfather's house on 65th and Rhodes.
My father, Paul Smith was a jazz pianist. His family, the Smiths were all musicians. Pianist, Art Tatum was my father's hero and a great friend. He would come to jam after-hours after the gig.
Folks would stand outside to listen to the music. And it was a diverse group inside....who came to play and listen. All night jam sessions were a way of life and musicians would come in town and walk right in. During that time, nobody locked their doors. Musicians would come and knock... hoping for a shot to see if GOD was in the house. Classical and jazz were required to make it through the Smith jams. No slacking allowed and you better know the the song.

After hours.....
Legendary Pianist,
Art Tatum plays at 6557 S. Rhodes
Photo courtesy of the Aki Antonia Collection c2008
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